Hello world!

By in Development, Technology, Wordpress on July 31, 2016

Hello world…the default first post of any WordPress blog, right?  But, did you know that hello world stems from development? Hello world is often the first program written when trying out a new development language or platform.  By writing a very simple program that only outputs a short string, you are able to test that all of the pieces of the application setup were performed correctly.  It’s also the most common application taught to a beginner as it’s the easiest to teach.

It’s earliest known publication was in Programming in C: A Tutorial which wrote:

#include <stdio.h>

main( )
printf("hello, world\n");

WordPress includes this post as default for many of the same reasons.  By having a default post, with a default comment, you can easily see if your initial setup is functioning.  One important thing to remember, however, is to remove this post (or write a blog post about it).  While this post is a gauge to verify a working site, it’s doing no good to your blog or brand to leave this post active on the site after launch.  That is, unless you want to actually write a blog post about Hello World.

So…Hello World!

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